Fursuit costumes (Fursuit)

The luxury class costumes for the people who like “furry”, the fans of furry characters and flamboyant pastime. Fursuits are comfortable to wear and have ergonomic shape. They have a medium-sized head made of light weight materials, unique design, and the proportions similar to human proportions. See the admiring glances! The making of a fursuit is a complex and meticulous work, please see the photos of our works and make sure that we can fulfill your most challenging ideas!

Fursuit Husky

Fursuit Husky

Price: 5000 UAH

Fursuit Panther

Fursuit Panther

Price: 5000 UAH

Fursuit Berner dog

Fursuit Berner dog

Price: 4000 UAH

Fursuit Kangaroo

Fursuit Kangaroo

Price: 5500 UAH